Hardbakka Ruins Project 2013

Program: Instalation in Hardbakka ruins. One week workshop + one week exhibition.
Surface: 200 m2
Location: Bergen. Norway.

Concept: Hardbakka Ruins Project 2013 is a site-specific art workshop/exhibition organized by Lars Torressen (Architect, Norway) and Hidemi Nishida (KHiB, Japan). Located around the ruins area of Hardbakka, by the side of Svartediket, in Bergen, Norway.

Wind Shelter Story

I had the pleasure to participate in Hardbakka Ruins Project 2013, an outdoors summer week workshop-exhibition. We had the freedom to choose a place and a subject, but we had to have an instalation in a week time.

The first and most determinating fact was to choose the place. I wanted a place that could be seen from the road to invite users of the place to get involved. I also wanted a "sunny" place with views. I found a nice place up on a littlel hill with all I wanted.

Then I had to find out what to do there. I was a couple of days visitting the place, and the weather was also a determinating factor. There was winds over 100km/h so I had to find a cheap material able to hold that weather for some days.

The wind shelter was a place to be protected from the weather.